In 2007 the Montana District 5390 and the Lima
District 4450 of Rotary International exchanged Group
Study Exchange teams.  The Montana team spent the
month of May in western Peru, mainly in Lima, but also
visiting to communities north and south of Lima, and
two members reached high into the mountains and one
went into the jungle.

(Pictured left to right: Kalen Higton, Carol Morgan, Anne Millbrooke, Tracy Knutson and Wendy  Weaver)

Led by Rotarian Anne Millbrooke of the Bozeman Noon
Rotary Club, the team consisted of four young
professionals.  Kalen Higton is a camp manager and
adventure guide for Global Expeditions, Inc., a family
business established in 1989.  Tracy Knudson is an administrative assistant at Montana State University, for the past eight years in the Department of Modern Languages.  Before the exchange trip, Carol Morgan worked as a title escrow agent, and after the trip she returned to school to study accounting at the graduate level.  The fourth team member was Wendy Weaver, a civil engineer employed by Engineering, Inc.

In Peru, the Montana team spoke to 14 different Rotary
clubs in the Lima District and at the Lima District's
annual conference.  Team members stayed in homes of
local Rotarians.  And members of different Rotary
clubs served as guides each day, taking the team to
historical and archeological sites, museums,
government buildings, schools, parks, restaurants,
stores, and sightseeing in general, as well as to see
Rotary projects.

Team leader Anne Millbrooke prepared a three-part
report on the Group Study Exchange experience.  Part 1
focuses on Rotary in the Lima District.  Part 2
discusses Peru as experienced and studied (it was a
"study" exchange!) courtesy of the Lima District,
including geography, history, and contemporary events,
as well as food and literature.  Part 3 presents some guidelines, what the team leader wishes she had known when she became team leader.

(Author, Anne Millbrooke)

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